Charitable Organisation,
Breaking The Chains International

Breaking the Chains International specialises in rescuing animals of all types and sizes from dangerous and challenging conditions worldwide.

Founded by British Army veteran Tom S-N, the organisation was originally established as a media company that offered free media content to raise awareness about the neglect and abuse faced by animals globally. 

Following the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces on February 24, 2022, Tom leveraged his extensive military and combat experience to enter Ukraine and evacuate animals from conflict zones. Within a few weeks, Breaking the Chains gained recognition as one of the most effective animal rescue teams operating within Ukraine due to their ability to work in challenging conflict areas.

After seeing the devastating impact of war on innocent animals, Tom was inspired to create a long-term solution. He founded Breaking the Chains International as a rapid-response animal rescue team and established a shelter and veterinary clinic in Ukraine to provide care for the rescued animals.

Tom and his team are committed to traveling to crisis-affected regions worldwide to rescue and assist animals in distress, be it due to conflicts or natural disasters.

At Breaking the Chains our mission is to rescue and provide a safe space for animals in need. We are committed to rescuing and rehabilitating animals from danger, neglect, abuse and abandonment, and ensuring their physical and emotional well-being. Through compassionate care and education, we strive to raise awareness about animal welfare and create a world where every animal is treated with love, respect, and kindness, ensuring they have a second chance at a happy and fulfilling life.