Specialist Tactical Animal Relief

As a unique element of Breaking the Chains, the Specialist Tactical Animal Relief (S.T.A.R) team was established during the conflict in Ukraine with a primary mission to rescue animals from the most perilous areas of war. 

Comprised of military veterans, the S.T.A.R team was inspired by the successful operations in Ukraine and sought to expand its reach globally. Along with their extensive military experience, their expertise and qualifications include but not limited to, first aid, urban and rural search and rescue, firefighting, and instructional skills. The team is always prepared to respond swiftly to natural disasters, conflicts, or other emergencies involving animals, providing critical assistance at a moment’s notice.

The S.T.A.R team specialises in rescuing animals from hazardous environments where other organisations may lack the necessary experience to operate safely. They fearlessly enter even the most dangerous locations, determined to give animals the same level of rescue and care that humans receive from military and emergency services.

In addition to their animal rescue missions, the S.T.A.R team also plays a vital role in educating and inspiring young people to take action in protecting the world’s animals. By empowering the youth to care for and safeguard animals, the team envisions creating a safer environment for all creatures for generations to come.