DAISY needs you


Female, 3 months old

Daisy was rescued by Breaking The Chains from Kherson, Ukraine. Tom found the kitten living with her three other siblings in a house that had been abandoned and destroyed by the war. The mother was nowhere to be found so they set a cat trap for the night and checked again the following morning.

The next morning, the mother was in the trap, so the team bought all five cats back to the shelter as they were young, covered in fleas and mites, and required medical attention.

All the cats had problems with their eyes. After some tests were done, we found the disease to be curable if caught early enough. Luckily Daisy’s were manageable, and even though she is still receiving treatment she looks as though she is going to be ok!

Daisy is a fun, little girl. The most energetic out of all her sisters. She is confident, initiates play and loves a stroke.

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