drift needs you


Female, 4 years old

Drift was rescued by Breaking the Chains after a local rescuer knew they didn’t have the resources to care for her and asked if we would take her.

Following an artillery round, Drift’s home was blown up and the building collapsed on her. Her spine broke in half, and she was left paralysed. Drift managed to survive and would use her front legs to pull herself around.

Eventually her back legs became open wounds from all the dragging, these inevitably got infected and needed to be amputated. The local people tried to help Drift but with no veterinary clinics or resources, she was suffering. 

We got her back to our shelter and began her road to recovery.

We provided her with a new set of wheels which she mastered immediately. She enjoys being able to run around again with the other dogs. Drift is a very sweet girl with a a personality as big as her ears.

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