Male, 5 years old

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Marley was rescued by Breaking the Chains after we received messages about an injured dog living on the streets not too far from where our shelter is based.

We were given a rough location of where Marley was last seen and spent two days looking for him. We eventually found him fast asleep, laying on a piece of cardboard with clear injuries to his leg.

Marley came back to the shelter for immediate medical treatment. From his x-rays it showed that his leg had been fractured in two places and he still had a pellet in him from where he had been shot with an air rifle.

Marley was very timid when he first arrived, he just wanted to be left alone and it took a while for him to heal both physically and mentally.

Now, he is a completely different dog. He is happy and loves playing with both humans and his other dog friends. He’s gentle and kind and loves nothing more than giving kisses and receiving cuddles.

By sponsoring Marley, you are providing him with the care, resources, and love he needs to thrive and overcome the challenges he has faced. Your sponsorship will make a significant difference in Marley’s life and help him on his path to finding a happy and loving forever home. Thank you for supporting Marley and making a positive impact on his journey.

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