PIRate needs you


Male, 8 years old

Pirate came to us one evening when a lady came to our shelter and left him with us. She didn’t explain what had happened to him. just handed him over and left. We could see that he was missing an eye and his tail, and he had tubes coming from his backside, so we took him in and our Vet started treatment.

He had a long and slow recovery, catheters, IV’s, surgery, daily ultrasounds and different medications were given just so Pirate could get a better quality of life.

His health has improved dramatically, though we still monitor him in the vet clinic, and his confidence has really grown. He brings a smile to everyone’s face that he meets.

Pirate is very affectionate and loves nothing more than to picked up and cuddled. If you’re not holding him, he will follow you around the vet clinic like a shadow, meowing until he gets the attention he craves.

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