Sayan needs you


Male, 10 months old

Sayan’s owner was a Ukrainian military medic who made the difficult decision to surrender him to us as she was unable to provide the love and care for him whilst occupied in the war. Furthermore, the area that Sayan was rescued from was under daily bombardment making his home no longer a safe place to live.

When he came to us he was extremely scared and nervous. We found a quiet place in our shelter so that Sayan could decompress and have space to himself.

It took Sayan a long time to learn to trust us at the shelter, even now he is still very anxious when meeting new people but he has come an incredibly long way.

With the people he knows and now trusts, he is not shy to show his big personality. He’s a giant puppy that loves to play with people, other dogs and with his toys. He spends most of his day being a goofball and not only does he keep himself entertained, but he is constantly being watched by us too as he often makes us laugh. When he’s not trying to sit on your lap because he thinks he’s a small dog, he is incredibly gentle and kind.

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