Sayan needs you


Male, 10 months old

Sayan’s owner was a Ukrainian military medic who made the difficult decision to surrender this 10-month-old to us as she was unable to provide the love and care for him whilst occupied in the war. Furthermore, the area that Sayan was rescued from was under daily bombardment making his home no longer a safe place to live.

When he came to us he was extremely scared and nervous. We found a quiet place in our shelter so that Sayan could decompress and have space to himself. Not to overwhelm him, he was allocated one person to look after him. He was scared of noises and objects, and wouldn’t let anyone approach him.

Over the next 3 weeks Sayan has learned to trust Nicole and she’s been able to coax him out of his space for walks. He’s found his voice and discovered he loves to goofily chase after a bouncing ball. We’re slowly socializing him with other dogs and though still a bit selective, he is choosing to approach more people and allow them into his space.

Sayan still continues to show nervousness but his confidence is building by the day. We will continue to keep working with him and show him patience, love and affection.

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