Sid needs you


Male, 5 years old

We rescued Sid after we were notified of a dog that had been hit by a car, received medical attention, and then put back out on the streets. Unfortunately the medical attention he received was not beneficial to him, and he was also not receiving any after care.

When Sid got to our shelter we took him to the vets for a thorough check and x-rays. Since he has been with us he has undergone hip surgery and has had ti have his front leg amputated due to a bone infection that was beyond saving.

Sid has a long road to recovery and we will do everything possible to make that journey easier for him. Currently he is receiving physio on his hips and learning to walk with one front leg.

Sid is a very brave boy and he shows an immense amount of strength and willpower. He’s quite vocal and likes to let you know he’s present but usually it’s just because he wants a big cuddle. He is very sweet and loving.

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