Female, 2 years old

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Skye was rescued during a spay and neuter campaign in East Ukraine. She was found abandoned alongside her five puppies living in a destroyed building, covered in fleas and their own filth.

When Skye came to us she was extremely nervous of people. She would cower and hide whenever anyone entered her kennel and sudden movements or loud noises made her extremely anxious.

It took Skye a long time to settle and realise that she was safe. With time and patience she began trusting one person, and then another, and then another. With added help from some four-legged friends her confidence began to grow and she began to come out of her shell.

Skye has come far since we first rescued her as the scared dog she was. She is a sweet young girl and is very silly and playful. She has a most kind and gentle nature, and loves being stroked.

By sponsoring Skye, you are giving her the opportunity to heal from her past and build a bright future filled with love and happiness. Your support will make a lasting impact on her life and help her on her journey to finding a loving forever home. Thank you for making a difference in Skye’s life.

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