Female, 6 years old

Help Sveta Heal and Thrive: Sponsor Her Journey to Recovery

Meet Sveta, a courageous soul rescued by Breaking The Chains from the frontlines in Ukraine. Upon her arrival at our shelter, Sveta underwent a comprehensive health check, including blood tests, ultrasounds, and x-rays. The examination revealed a myriad of health issues plaguing her fragile body.

Sveta was in a dire state, covered in fleas, severely underweight, and battling infections in both ears. To our dismay, she tested positive for heartworm and was also grappling with joint problems. Despite her sweet and gentle nature, Sveta’s poor health has left her feeling unwell and withdrawn.

While Sveta faced a tough road ahead to recovery, we were committed to providing her with the best care possible. Your sponsorship can make a world of difference in Sveta’s journey towards healing and wellness. Join us in supporting Sveta as she receives the treatment and care she deserves. Sponsor Sveta today and be a part of her heartwarming transformation from illness to health and happiness.

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