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Tom was rescued from the conflict areas of eastern Ukraine with the help of a caring lady in the village who had stayed behind to take care of the animals. Upon arrival, Tom was in critical condition, with multiple injuries including an open wound on his paw, underweight, ear infections, respiratory infection, bad teeth, and a ruptured abdominal wall that required emergency surgery.

Thanks to timely intervention, Tom underwent successful surgery to repair his abdominal wall and is now on the path to healing. Despite his challenging journey, Tom’s spirit shines through, and he’s known for being silly and creating a bit of mess within his cattery

You can make a difference in Tom’s recovery by sponsoring him. Your support will provide the necessary care, medical treatment, and love to help him thrive and overcome his past struggles. Join us in giving Tom the second chance he deserves. Sponsor Tom today and be a part of his heartwarming journey towards a brighter future.

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