Female, 3 years old

Support Zara on her Journey to Healing and Happiness!

Zara’s life changed in an instant when her home became the target of a phosphorus missile strike. Amidst the chaos and devastation, she miraculously survived, though many of her friends were not as fortunate. Suffering from multiple burns across her body and face, Zara’s road to recovery began when she sought medical treatment at our facility.

Despite the trauma she endured, Zara remains a sweet and affectionate girl. While she may appear vocal around new faces, her bark is bigger than her bite, and she craves attention and love from those around her. Zara finds solace in cuddles, delights in playing with her favorite toy balls, and revels in grooming sessions that make her feel pampered.

You can make a difference in Zara’s life by sponsoring her. Your support will provide the care, comfort, and compassion she needs as she continues her journey towards healing and happiness. Join us in giving Zara the love and support she deserves. Sponsor Zara today and be a part of her heartwarming transformation.

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