Chairman and Founder of Breaking the Chains International, and S.T.A.R Ground Team Leader

Tom, a dedicated former British armed forces member, spent 18 years on the frontlines of numerous combat zones across the globe. His deep connection with animals stems from their pivotal role in aiding him through various traumatic experiences, including PTSD from his military tenure. Motivated by these profound relationships, Tom established Breaking the Chains International with the mission of rescuing and protecting animals worldwide.


S.T.A.R Ground Team Member, and Head of Warriors Friends

After a 6 year tenure in the British Army, TJ embarked on a diverse career path that included roles in recruitment in the UK and Australia, touring with bands in the music industry, and owning his own training company for eight years. His decision to join B.T.C. stemmed from a personal connection to Ukraine and a desire to contribute positively. However, it was witnessing the rescue of Bolik the bear and seeing him released into a vast natural sanctuary that solidified TJ’s commitment. In that moment, he realised that this was the calling he wanted to pursue for the remainder of his life.


S.T.A.R Ground Team Member

John has a commendable background, with 22 years of service in the British Armed Forces in combat zones worldwide, followed by 5 years in maritime security and anti-piracy operations. He decided to join Breaking The Chains after being invited by a former colleague from his maritime days. Witnessing the impactful work that B.T.C carries out and holding a strong passion for assisting both animals and people, he eagerly joined the team.


Executive Assistant, and Shelter Manager

Growing up in the countryside, Lily is happiest when surrounded by nature. Her empathy and caring nature reflects when she is around animals. She has a particular soft spot for bull breed dogs, advocating they are not dangerous breeds. As Tom’s executive assistant and shelter manager, Lily takes the burden of his administrative workload and social media marketing, whilst overseeing the day-to-day running of the shelter, allowing Tom to operate on the ground and focus on the bigger tasks at hand.

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