We are proud that Breaking the Chains represents a Global community of animal lovers who are committed to making the world a better, safer place for our non-human companions.

Without the continued support of our community, we simply cannot continue to “break the chains” and end the suffering of thousands of animals worldwide.

We are pleased to welcome applications from members of our community, who are interested in volunteering with us to support our operations in Ukraine.
The recruitment process to become a volunteer with us is competitive so we ask that applicants think carefully about their suitability for any role, before applying. In particular, we also ask applicants to note:

– Our volunteering opportunities are open to anyone aged 18 or over.
– Volunteering opportunities last a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 4 weeks.
– Due to the changing nature of war, we ask that all volunteers are willing to be flexible around things like timing.
– Given the nature of our work, the animals we care for might be traumatised or experiencing life-changing injuries. We ask applicants to please consider the impact this might have on their mental health or wellbeing.
– We are proud to welcome volunteers of all abilities and backgrounds. However, due to the physical nature of certain roles, we ask applicants to please consider whether they can safely meet the physical demands of any role, before applying.
– Volunteering with us involves being based in a foreign country with a foreign health care system. Please carefully consider any health-care needs that you might have before applying and whether these needs might be adversely impacted by being based in Ukraine.
– Some volunteer roles will require specialist skills. Please consult the individual role descriptions below for a more detailed list of required skills and experience.
– Accommodation is provided at our facility in Ukraine. However, volunteers are required to cover their own travel expenses to Ukraine.

Finally, experience is always useful for any role. However, what is equally important is a friendly attitude, a genuine commitment to putting the needs of the animals and people we help first and a willingness to get involved in some hard work.

Shelter Volunteers

Shelter Volunteers

Apply to be a Shelter Volunteer and help us care for the cats and dogs that we have at our shelter in Ukraine!

As a Shelter Volunteer you will work alongside our Ukrainian staff to provide love, compassion and rehabilitation to the amazing animals in our care.
Your duties will include, but are not limited to: preparing food and feeding the animals, grooming, playing and socialising the animals (including walking the dogs which takes place twice a day), cleaning out kennels and catteries and providing 1:1 care for elderly, ill or distressed animals.

We are looking for people who are patient, caring, have good attention to detail and can use their initiative to provide the best care possible to our animals. Previous experience and confidence around animals is a must.

Please note: Shelter Volunteers are based exclusively at our Shelter. This role is separate from the work undertaken by the Ground Team in other parts of the country and Shelter Volunteers do not accompany Ground Team members on their operations.

Veterinarian Volunteer

Apply to be a Veterinarian Volunteer and provide life-saving care to the cats and dogs worst impacted by the war in Ukraine!

As a Veterinarian Volunteer you will work alongside our Ukrainian Veterinarians and help look after the animals that we have in our care.
Your duties will include but are not limited to: providing daily checks and treatments of shelter animals as necessary, assisting with routine treatments for the shelter animals (prescribing medication, parasite treatment, vaccinations etc), performing routine sterilisations of shelter animals (dogs and cats) and possible other surgical procedures as required.

We are looking for dedicated Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses with recent experience, ideally within a practice specialising in small / domestic animals. Given the nature of the role, it is likely that some “out of hours” work will be required and we ask that all Veterinarian Volunteers can be flexible and open to such demands.

Please note: Depending on the work that is scheduled, an opportunity may arise during the volunteer period for a Veterinarian to accompany the Ground Team, to treat wounded/sick animals in other parts of the country and/or perform sterilisations where required. Where such an opportunity arises, the Veterinarian Volunteer will be offered the opportunity to join the Ground Team, depending on a risk assessment. However, the safety of our staff and volunteers is of paramount importance and it is not a requirement of this role that the Veterinarian Volunteer accept such an offer / work outwith the Shelter.

Ground Team Volunteer

Apply to be a Ground Team Volunteer and work directly with us to rescue animals and supply humanitarian aid to the frontlines of Ukraine!

As a Ground Team volunteer you will work alongside Tom and the STAR team to help rescue animals and provide humanitarian aid across Ukraine.

Given the nature of the work, we are looking for people with a military or emergency services background, who can work well within a team, adhere to the team’s standard operating procedures and follow instructions. Physical fitness is essential. Moreover, Ground Team members must have excellent attention to detail, be able to remain calm in stressful situations, and use their initiative, where appropriate.

Please note: as a Ground Team Volunteer, you are required to have recent experience of serving in the military or emergency services and be used to working in high-pressure, crisis situations. Due to the nature of the role, this position is not open to civilian applicants.

Foster Volunteer

Foster Volunteer

Apply to be a Foster Volunteer and help us find forever homes for the dogs and cats of Ukraine!

As a Foster Volunteer you will play an essential role in helping the dogs and cats of Ukraine to find their happy-ever-after. Being a Foster Volunteer means supporting a cat or dog who is recovering from war, whilst also ensuring that our Shelter continues to have space to save the lives of more animals in Ukraine.

We are looking for people that are compassionate, empathetic and adaptable to the needs of the individual animals that they foster. You must be willing to provide all the basics of care, such as feeding, cleaning, exercising (dogs), training, playing and socialising. Whilst previous Foster experience is not essential, a lot of rescue animals may need a little more
work, so preference will be given to those who have previously fostered or have experience with rescue animals.

Please note that we are only currently looking for fosterers within the UK or Europe. An online home-check will also be required to ensure that your space is suitable for the needs of any animal that you welcome into your care.

Help us

For further information on any of the roles above, and to apply, please provide us the following information:
A little about you – your name, your country of residence and why you are interested in the opportunity to volunteer with Breaking the Chains. Your experience – including how you meet the required experience for the volunteer role that you are applying for. Where relevant to the position, please provide certificates of qualification (e.g., proof of veterinary qualification if applying for Veterinarian Volunteer role).

Your availability – when you’d be interested to volunteer and any restrictions on your availability which we should know about.
Any other information that you’d like to share with us, and that you think that we should know about.

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Please Note: Due to volume of applications, and the limited space at our Ukraine Shelter, it may not be possible to offer opportunities to all applicants, at least not straight away. This is no reflection on the individual and instead will depend on a number of contributory factors
including timing and experience. Nonetheless, volunteering vacancies and applications will be reviewed periodically. Therefore, we ask all applicants to be please confirm, in their email, whether they are happy for us to retain their application, for future vacancy rounds.

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