Vucjak Shelter, located in central Serbia, is currently home to 1600+ dogs and cats. The Shelter itself is massively facing challenges and is overwhelmed in both numbers and medical cases, as well as inadequate infrastructure to meet their growing needs.

The shelter is not struggling due to intentional neglect; rather, it is severely underfunded and lacks resources. Observing founder Dejan and his small team of five interacting with the animals showcases the genuine love and care they provide.

The shelter, its dedicated team, and, above all, its animals are in dire need of assistance from both us and you. Only by working together can we help prevent the unintended suffering of both the animals and those devoted individuals who tirelessly care for them.

For nearly a year, Breaking The Chains have been closely monitoring and engaging with the shelter, holding onto hope that a major international organisation would intervene to rescue the shelter from its current crisis. Unfortunately, no such assistance has materialised, leaving our founder Tom to take matters into his own hands and attempt to make a positive impact for everyone involved.

This project is enormous and almost impossible, but by working together, we can bring about significant change and enhance the lives of thousands of animals. Breaking The Chains does not intend to take control of the shelter; rather, our objective is to renovate and establish effective systems to enable the shelter to operate more efficiently and effectively.

It is crucial to recognise that the medical needs within the shelter are exceptionally high. While we take the lead in planning, coordinating, and managing the reconstruction of infrastructure, we will collaborate with Dr. Scott Miller, who will oversee the medical aspects of the project.

The reconstruction of the infrastructure is heavily dependent on funding and will incur a substantial cost. This project is a long-term endeavor, with an estimated minimum completion time of 6 months to a year. Saving this shelter and its animals will require teamwork and cooperation from all parties involved.


Please be a part of the impactful change for our Vucjak Shelter Project by considering a donation today. Your support will make an astronomical difference for the animals in need.