Veterans Rehabilitation Program

Our founder, Tom, served nearly 19 years in the British army before being discharged with PTSD. In his darkest moments, it was a dog that saved his own life. Ever since forming that bond, Tom has strongly believed in the healing abilities of animals for individuals facing physical, emotional, and mental challenges.

Tom’s ambition was to create a program for veterans’ rehabilitation, where injured soldiers could heal alongside animals, much like how his dog had helped him.

Warriors’ Friends was founded in September 2023 as a program aimed at providing a sanctuary in our shelter for individuals with mental and physical injuries to heal alongside rescued animals. Our program’s uniqueness lies in the shared experiences of both the animals and humans who cohabit our space, having endured similar hardships in Ukraine.

Our facilities comprise of an indoor space with a downstairs communal area for interactions between people and dogs, along with an upstairs cattery for interactions with cats. Additionally, the space is equipped with disabled-accessible toilets, a therapy room housing a cutting-edge Shiftwave chair for therapeutic purposes. Entertainment facilities like a pool table, dartboard, and Xbox are also available for soldiers to relax and enjoy their time.

Outside, we have a designated play area where dogs and people can enjoy the space together during the warmer months. Here, dogs can run around and play with toys alongside the soldiers.

Our veterans program runs Monday to Friday, providing meals from local restaurants along with opportunities for relaxation, socialisation, and therapy. These days offer a change in environment for soldiers undergoing treatment, enhancing their overall well-being.