Why revolution race

Revolution Race isn’t a new brand to me, in fact it’s quite the opposite. I’ve personally worn their products for years across a wide variety of locations and in some truly testing conditions and they’ve never failed to disappoint. From -20C to +40C temperatures, crawling through a collapsed building to rescue a trapped animal, or evacuating a shelter in the snow whilst getting shelled in Ukraine, they have ALWAYS been fit for purpose and provided protection in every element I could possibly need. They’ve given me durability, comfort, ventilation and warmth whenever I’ve needed it, and so it’s safe to say, Revolution Race have always exceeded expectations.

I personally could not have asked for a better brand to support our team, having spent over 17 years in the British Army I understand and appreciate the importance of great kit and equipment, during operations in Iraq, Afghanistan or any of the many other countries I deployed to, the right kit and equipment was paramount in order to operate in the most effective manner. Confidence in not only the men and women stood beside you but also in the equipment you use is paramount to the success of any mission, freeing your mind of any worries or concerns and allowing you to focus solely on the job at hand.

I have saved thousands of animals whilst wearing Revolution Race products from situations and circumstances most could not imagine, their trousers have not just been an item of clothing to me, they have been a vital part of my equipment that have aided in the success of our rescue missions.

Revolution Race create quality outdoor products for a wide variety of activities and hobbies be it climbing mountains or simply walking your dog they have you covered for all your outdoor and adventure needs.