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Sponsor our wonderful shelter here in Ukraine and have your name written on our Wall of Fame!

As you may know, we spent much of 2022 building a shelter in Ukraine to house the many dogs and cats that need medical treatment and care. We have now completed the build and are looking for sponsorships to continue to maintain and run the shelter.

For 30 euros, your funding will help cover the cost of:

  • Changing and adapting the shelter as seasons change and animals with different needs require alterations.
  • Any damages incurred – those mischievous puppies like to chew!
  • Water, energy bills and rent.
  • Supplies in keeping the shelter to a clean, high standard.

When you sponsor our shelter, your name will be written on our Wall of Fame in sight for all the animals to see! You will become part of the brick and mortar and play an integral role in keeping the animals of Ukraine safe!

Your name will remain on the wall for the season (3 months), and we will provide you with updates of happy dog and cats enjoying their space.

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